That 80’s Prom, we are proud to feature the finest in 80’s live entertainment...

9:15-10pm, 10:30-11:15pm

Meet Hair Raid, the biggest Hair Metal cover band from Washington, DC playing your favorite rock and metal songs from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Hair Raid immortalizes the love and passion for the hard rock of the 80s era Hair/Glam Bands. Wigs, Spandex, Lasers and musical talents that get you as close to the versions of 80’s rock without taking home a STD.

There was a time – not so long ago – when pomp and spandex dominated MTV. A time when big-haired bands ruled the world, and flashy “power ballads” dominated the airwaves.

Today, hordes of fans flock to sing along and raise their fists and lighters into the smoke-filled air of a Hair Raid show. The range of lyrical subjects is limited to themes of heartbreak and lust, with sprinklings of rebellion and intoxication.

Hair Raid was born in 2008 in a small crack house in Silver Spring, MD where they could actually practice without the cops showing up. Once they ran out of money they were forced to get serious and put on wigs and eyeliner.

80’s RETRO DJ Johnny Arcade
In Between Sets

DJ Johnny Arcade will be spinning all of your favorite 80's hits from Poison & Bon Jovi to Cyndi Lauper & Madonna, and everything in between!